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Artist, Adult Educator, Creative Arousal Curandera

Acts of Self Trust

My memory of creative expression expands beyond this lifetime. A practice of inner dialogues with no language, a channeling of seasons from a cosmos only remembered in the heart, a landscape of feelings that transcend time itself. 


No matter the season, I have come back to the practice of art, like a movement modality, to center myself, experiment, and process the life that I am leading.

When partnering with me on a journey of your choosing, you will benefit from my experiences in: Harm Reduction, Identity Clarity, Trauma Informed Healing, Ritual Cultivation, Ancestor Awareness/ Reverence/ Healing, Generational Veneration/ Healing, Inter-Generational Awareness & Compassion Practice, Seasonal Guidance/ Awareness & Alignment.

I have multiple decades of experience educating adults in integrating and adoption of practices and behaviors that will assist in the self-awareness, ritual and spiritual wellness areas of holistic healing. I am in active Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean spiritual practices with Mentors and come from an unbroken line of Curanderas. My guidance and channeling comes rooted in tradition, permission, consent and sacred alliances.

May the blend of who we are, where we are and what we are meant to succeed in collaborate in effort, love & wisdom.