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3 steps to Self-Investment

Self investment blossoms from a mindset that you are worthy of your continued and intentional effort, love and attention. It is a level of unlearning and re-discovery that creates new paths to new adventures and I wanted to write a little bit about the hows of getting there that might not be obvious.

1. The Shift

As with any adjustment, there are options presented to you. Some are non verbal, some come in a dream or maybe a moment of lucid spirit clarity while you are washing dishes. But what is present and loud is that the choice is yours, that choice has risks and rewards and the combination of those elements brings a vibrational energy to your inner world.

Some of us, while in the midst of the options, choices and what could follow have bouts with anxious (worry of the future) or depressive (sadness over past mistakes or things that didn't go as planned) thoughts. This is where the shift can and should happen.

To use the building energy around choosing in a positive direction, to re-direct this energy into deepening into the options and sitting still with what is best for YOUR soul's journey. This may not make logical sense, this may not be in-line with previous choices, but when it is ALIGNED with your soul purpose -you WILL feel it and you will KNOW it in all of your energy centers.

In short, the shift is to use the extra energy you've been given to do the emotional and spiritual work needed to make space for the action work in your environment. Once this shift is made, self worth begins to show up internally.

2. The Love Energy

Love is a word that is used so often, instead of bringing a clarity, the constant use of this word obscures the truth of what it means. Love is the evolutionary and fiercely compassionate structure of the entire universe! It is what bonds us all together with the creation source and brings healing through the balance of divine feminine and masculine energy.

Love is also a practice. The practice of acceptance, affection, appreciation and attention throughout your day can help you understand how you receive and give in a loving way. Are you operating from a loving place or are there layers of emotional blockage that you need to nurture to clear the path? Practicing the art of Love allows the deep emotional work to flourish. Doing the emotional work takes courage, commitment and community.

To summarize, this love practice if vital and fundamental to how self-worth grows. Practice Love with discernment and safety (and if you are unsure on the how, give yourself permission to explore it like a child learning how to play with the tides at the beach!).

3. The Inner Approval

Approval is an inter-dependent relationship we have with how we present in the social structures of our lives. Some symbiotic approval is needed for humans to work together, to create social dynamics that create safety, maintain villages and forward our survival.

Yet, many of us have an unhealthy relationship with approval because we have not actually agreed to the terms we find ourselves living out everyday. Like David Byrne, we find ourselves asking "Well, how did I get here?"

We stopped checking in with what we were agreeing to. We stopped asking ourselves for approval and looking for it outside of ourselves. We stopped approving of what we were doing and betrayed our self worth in the slow process of disconnecting from the soul self.

The only approval you need is YOU. This is not permission to act foolishly, unconscious of how you treat yourself or others, or without compassion. It is a call to act within the deeper knowledge of yourself and if you are not feeling that understanding, a call to sit still until you can.

Approval, your soul self rooted in the present and acting from the heart and mind balance, is the action step of self-worth. This is the wellspring from where your self investment will accept and receive what is presented for the upcoming journey.

Approving of your journey, your desire to reach your full potential IS your birthright, your lightwork, what you contracted with Mother Earth to share with humanity.

May you always find the shift, the love and the inner approval to carry the torch of love forward.

In Kindness,


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